About Us

We started off with German, and now offer meetups in French, English, and Irish as well. If you can't practice your language on the street, come to Language Gym. Our promise is that you will be speaking and improving your spoken language skill.s
After learning German in Berlin, I came across an unexpected problem - the locals would not speak German to me! I tried, but everyone switched to English as soon as they heard my accent.

So I came up with an idea - start an online meetup where it would be 100% in German!

The first meetup had 1 participant - now it has grown and we have groups for several languages for every level, and members who live in dozens of cities.

Our goal is to provide the perfect platform where you can practice your chosen language.

The Gyms

  • Founded 2020
  • German, French, Irish, English
  • From A2 to C1 level
  • 100% online
Contact: ronan@deutschgym.com

We are looking for mentors

Do you have experience teaching a language?

Language Gym