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We know you want to speak Irish again - lots of us do! With our small, friendly groups, now is your chance.

Meetups every Monday 6:45pm Irish time.
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What if I make a mistake?

Afraid, embarrassed, unsure - everyone who joins the group is in the same boat. We have all learned Irish in school and we are all a bit rusty. We all make mistakes. So what!

The group is lead by a wonderful Gaeilgeoir. The groups will be divided into different levels, so you will always be with others a of a similar levels.

We provide speaking themes for you depending on your level - they have 10 questions - and are about a wide range of topics - going to a restaurant, moving country, going on holidays, or for the more advanced themes about the dangers of the internet, jealously etc.

Monday Meetups

We do meetups every Monday at 6:45pm Irish time. They last for 1 hour. We do an introduction at the start for the new members and then break up into groups.

All Levels

We will be your practicing home as you learn the cases, and move onto the more advanced grammar. Stay with Deutsch Gym for your entire learning journey.

Extensive Topics

We have new speaking topics every meetup, tailored to each speaking level. The lower + mid levels have English translations. The advanced are only as Gaeilge.
Our Members Recommend Language Gym
There is an old well-known Irish proverb: "beatha teanga í a labhairt", "a language lives when it is spoken". I definitely recommend Language Gym.

Aaron (member)

Speak and Get Confident

You probably have doubts about your Irish - that you have lost your fluency. You will be surprised that when you do try to speak it, it actually comes back surprisingly quickly!

That is why this group exists -show people that if you just take a step and chat with others in a friendly environment, you will shock yourself by how much you know!

Practicing what you have learned is what it is all about, and every aspect of Gaeilge Gym is designed to encourage speaking.

Make Friends, Fight Fear

Irish is a rich, special language, that is dear to us. We all spend 14 years learning it, but what is the point if we don't use it? 

Now you have found a group of others, who like you, think it is time to use it!

In Gaeilge Gym, you'll be able to speak Irish, whilst also being able to make mistakes and pick yourself back up. Dust off the rust and start practicing it next Monday!

With Language Gym's speaking topics and question prompts, it's easy to have a conversation.

Katie (member)

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We have several plans that all include a 100% 7-day refund.

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