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Speak English online in small groups and finally become confident! Interesting speaking topics are prepared for every meetup and a welcoming community is ready to help you along!
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English is your gateway to the world

Improving your English will open up so many opportunities - with work, studies and meeting new people in your city. But sometimes it is hard to find a place to practice your English, and doing that little bit extra will help massively.

At Language Gym, you can practice your English with people from around the world. You can gain the support from others in the group whilst being pushed.

For the meetups, we split you into small groups and provide interesting conversation themes so that you can stretch your grammar and pronunciation skills. The meetups last 1 hour long. It is a great way to get real English practice from your home!

2x per Week

We do English meetups 2 days per week, and you can attend all of them if you wish. When you want to speak English, we're there for you.

Levels A2-C1

We will be your practicing home as you learn the cases, and move onto the more advanced grammar. Stay with Language Gym for your entire learning journey.

Extensive Topics

We have new speaking topics for every meetup, tailored to each speaking level. They will push your vocabulary and grammar and improve fluency.
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Speaking is a special skill, and the group provides all necessary tools to work on this skill!

Anna Kol.

Speak Often, Get Confident

We focus on getting you speaking as much as possible. There is no point in doing lots of lessons if you don't speak English with other people.

The groups are deliberately small, and the speaking topics varied, so you will be speaking a lot during the hour-long meetups.

Practicing what you have learned is what it is all about, and every aspect of Language Gym is designed to encourage speaking.

Make Friends, Fight Fear

Michel Thomas said that “language learning is one of the most alien processes the brain can undertake.”

That's why we've created a supportive space where you can learn and practice. You'll get real-world experience speaking English, whilst also being able to make mistakes and pick yourself back up.

Others in the community will be in the same boat as you, so take the plunge and try it out!

I like the small groups, the other people are very interesting.


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We have several plans that all include a 100% 7-day refund.


All times are CET / Berlin time

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